Welcome to the Musical Record blog! I’m Michael.

On this blog, I’m going to take some in-depth looks at the psychology of music, do some close readings of songs, and profile some of my favorite albums and artists, including Bob Dylan, Mark Knopfler, Leonard Cohen, and John Coltrane. This won’t be strictly an online journal. I’m going to try to relate each subject to society at large so my posts can help readers to think about their own relationships to their favorite music.

This is a project that was in the making for months before I even realized it. I had begun using Instagram as an outlet for reviewing my favorite albums, but I soon realized I cared more about my writing than the visuals that went along with them. I am a writer by nature and profession, so this made sense. Since that was the case, I determined that Instagram was not the right format for the kinds of deep dives into music that I wanted to take.

This blog gives me the space to express my love of music through words, in a way that I hope invites and encourages conversation among readers.

A number of people helped me to create this blog, including my wife, my mom, my coworkers, and my friends. They know who they are. This website would have been rubble and ashes without each of them.

Thank you for taking these journeys with me, and I hope you stay awhile and maybe even learn something about yourself.